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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
I used to have one of the Shark helmets with a drop down sun visor. It was the best helmet I've ever owned, just due to that one little feature.

If I didn't hate glasses and the feeling of something on the bridge of my nose, I probably would wear sunglasses with the clear visor. Its a lot more modular and convenient system, than just a tinted visor.

However I run tinted visors all the time. Bright sun and bright reflections on the road, strain my eyes quite a bit, and I find myself squinting and tiring out faster with a clear visor on a sunny day.

I do not carry a clear visor with me. Darkened visors are still manageable in the evening / night. Not ideal, but if you are in an urban environment, there is plenty of light on the road to let you see what is going on. I did once had to travel two hours on a country road with a dark visor and even that wasn't too bad. I wouldn't want to do it again, but if you are caught out, its doable.

If its a constant thing where you need dark visor in the morning/day, and then you come back on a dark road at night, than I would opt out for a clear visor with sunglasses, rather than to carry an extra piece of plastic with me.

Best of course is the helmet with an inner dark visor that you can pop down/up whenever you need it.

That is one of the reasons I have started wearing a dual sport helmet most all the time over a regular street helmet. The visor lets me tip my head a bit to block the sun. Even with extremely dark tint sunglasses there are those times when the sun is just right on the horizon to deal with it without the visor (bill as you might call it). Seems like all those newer convertible helmets offer smaller visors for them. Totally functional.
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