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Started the day off headed for Peterhof. I was only about 30km away so I didn't expect it to take long to get there.

Then I would find something interesting along the way and stop. This monument was pretty cool

Across the road was another cemetery. The one above was strange in the fact it is the only one I have seen so far that had people buried in it that died long after the war was over.

Closer to Peterhof I came across this. it was a memorial to the men who tried to hold the area. the wall in the background has been preserved to show the damage.

Inside the building at the memorial above

Just thought this was interesting for no real reason.

To the mariners

This is just across the street from Peterhof. Very rarely does a building memorize me like this one. I just couldn't stop looking at it. to think of the guys who designed it let alone built it!

Next up Peterhof

Normally these types of places aren't for me. I have been told for 4 years I have to see it so since I was close I went out of my way to check it out and give it a shot.

I got there 2 hours early to get tickets to go in the building. When I saw the line to get in the building was 5 wide and 100 yards long I decided to just stick with the gardens

Unfortunatly not all the fountains were on when I arrived. The one above and a different view below are the main fountain.

I walked around the gardens for 3 hours and was rather tired.

Finally the main fountain working! From what I understand this thing works by gravity meaning no pumps it is fed from a basin somewhere higher and the pressure provided by gravity does this.... I am still not sure how they were able to do such a good job making the statue look as ravishing as me!

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