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Day9 Harley Encounter in the Badlands

7/1/2014: Today we had a late start due to the fact that it was raining when we got up. The goal however was to leave Sturgis, SD and work our way through the Black Hills and Badlands to Interior, SD.

It had been raining a lot over the night and was still raining in the morning. Does the weather not know we are from Southern California and don’t know how to deal with the elements? Okay, we sat around for a little while hoping for it to clear off and then left.

We got all of our things together and then tried to get down some miles and work our way towards clear sky’s. We first headed though the Black Hills in the morning.

Got a picture at the sign and continued along the ride. We came to numerous historic little towns in the morning. Lots of them were set up as old mining towns and for tourism. One of the old towns we came to had an old Hudson dealership. Kinda cool, since they are not around anymore just show some of the american car history.

We continued through town and ran into many historic car mechanic shop and stores. Really brought you back in time and no it was not Radiator Springs. Ran across a couple stores with a bunch of antiques.

We flowed through the hills on our way to Mt. Rushmore. The are some gorgeous rocks and forests throughout the Black Hills. Did the name have some influence from the black clouds that sits above them just looking at you? Ran into some of the local logging trucks running up and down the road. Finally we arrived at our first destination and looked around for a bit and continued on.

Worked our way to our lunch stop and then towards the Badlands. First we covered miles and miles of rolling hills and farmland in order to arrive at the Badlands. It is really crazy how they are just formed in the middle of nowhere and the weird shapes that these hills formed.

Continued through and there were some spectacular formations in the hills. Worked our way around and rerouted since my dad choose another dirt road and ended up in Interior. We got here around 2:00 pm so we had a short day but it worked perfect.

We changed oil in the scooters and did our laundry. Even though we finished early we still cover 175 miles and had lots of great times. There were some cool curvy roads through the black hills and I even ended up dragging the scooters belly in a corner. For once even though it started out looking like it was going to rain it turned out to be a dry day. Tomorrow is back to being a long day with 300 miles to travel.

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