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Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
I had an HJC with internal visor. Hated it, and not just because the mechanism (on top of the shell) leaked when it rained... me living in Western Oregon and all.

Just bought a Shoei Neotec- which ought to meet the "high quality" checkbox, yeah? Yep, still hate internal visors, for pretty much the reasons Mambo Dave mentions- the optical quality is meh, it's not dark enough to help (on it's own) so I have to wear sunglasses anyway, plus it's another layer to collect crud and have to be cleaned- and it's hard to clean.

I'd rather have a tinted visor and switch, but Shoei isn't goign to make a tinted visor for that helmet because it has the internal sunshield. Meh.
Mine works great and does not leak, in fact none of mine with internal visors leak. LOVE the internal visor, beats the hell out of packing and swapping out 2 visors every time the sun gets in my eyes.
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