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Originally Posted by Born1944 View Post
And now I gotta ask, having just read the Wiki entry for this bike.

We all know Wiki entries can be wrong, but it says that the bike was introduced in late 2012 for the 2014 model year.

So here is the question, as it relates to this bike the dealer is calling a 2013. Is there really any such thing? Or is any bike obtained by a dealer from KTM any time since the initial introduction of the 1190 Adventure the exact same thing as what is shipping by KTM right now?

If this "intro" bike has design or build flaws that were corrected as running design changes incorporated into bikes shipping right now, who has a list of those changes and corrections?

Yes, the 2013 models are officially different from the 2014s. The rest of the world got them first, and the USA only took delivery in 2014.

As far as I know the only 2013s that made it in the USA were dealer demos.

For a list of updates, Inmate Rob Zorba can help you, he is very knowledgeable on the model differences.

It doesn't sound like they are giving you much of a deal on that demo... Without question I'd get the 2014, or even wait for a 2015 if they don't have any left.
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