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So I am asking my local dealer that has the '13 demo, to look into what it takes to add whatever necessary to get the MSC.

Some web searches have turned up info that the '13s have the hardware, but need a software update to have the MSC operational.

This, because no one else has a '14, and I am being told there are none available. One dealer out in Colorado Springs has one, but he ain't dealing, either on price, or my trade-in. I am a two-day ride from there via US20-I39-I88-I80-I76-I70-I25. A lot of pounding.

But then there is this. The ST is a better way to do all that, and if I buy the '14 in CO, my new home (just made a deal on a property today, closing early Aug), I will have the newer bike, 1200 fewer miles on it, and not have to slab-way it out.

Or maybe this. Keep the ST for iron-butt interstate work, get the new ADV for the twisties and back roads of the central and northern Rockies.
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