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Weird day for Indiana. High in the low '70's--extremely unusual. The average high is somewhere in the mid-80's. I put the liner back in my mesh jacket and I was very happy I did. Perfectly comfortable with it in.

Followed my usual plan of having no plan. Managed to get pretty lost--more on that later.

First up, an unusual shot for me. This barn is not falling down--unlike the barns I usually shoot.

It's companion.

Swung by Amo, IN again and spotted this. Couldn't resist this shot. My grandfather (mentioned in an earlier post) worked the farm on an Allis Chalmers he named "Harve" for a lot of his life. The bigger tractor is like the one he used. Rode a lot of hours on the drag bar behind him.

Went further west on some roads I hadn't ridden before and suddenly found myself in Greencastle. Had thought I was a lot further south. Took the first right out of town and found myself on a little used country lane with a one lane bridge.

About this time I realized that I wasn't sure which direction to ride to get back home. Spotted a guy on the riverbank fishing and asked where Indy was. He waved a direction and said, "Thataway."

Okay, worked for me. I headed "thataway" and found some excellent riding. Narrow, twisty roads and nobody out there. Had a great time, but was still really lost. Saw this place about 15 minutes away from the bridge.

Finally stopped when I saw a guy mowing his lawn and got better directions than "thataway." Hit a small town called Bainbridge for gas, M&M's and a bottle of water. Was still a bit backwards on the directions...I'd have headed exactly the wrong direction had I not asked again. Rare for me to get that turned around. Enjoyed it immensely.

Spotted this old gal as I was pulling out of the gas station and had to turn around to go see it.
Really surprised to find a Brit bike specialist out here, but the owner said he has been doing it full time for four years. Had a lot of nice old bikes in the shop.

All in all, a really nice day of riding. Hope you've had the chance to get some riding in as well.
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