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Originally Posted by PT Rider View Post
Many drivers do not realize that they must muscle the steering when the power steering stops, and that they may need to put two feet on the brake pedal when the power brakes quit. They weren't taught this, but they should be. They aren't a dumbass, they're untrained. And, the air bags don't deploy when the car crashes after the ignition switches itself off.
It does not matter if they have been " Trained " or not. If you need to stop the car, and pressing the brakes does not have the normal effect, any person with any intelligence at all is going to press harder, or as hard as they can... Same with steering, I don't care what the failure is, if I need to turn the wheel, and it is stiffer than normal, I am going to try to turn it harder. Only a total dumbass would just give up if they could not turn the wheel with their fingertips as normal.

I was test driving a car once, and the accelerator stuck to the floor. I just turned the key off and stopped. I was never " Trained " in this, I am just not a dumbass that would crash a car over a small unexpected failure.

The people that crashed the cars when the ignition got turned off = Dumbasses, training or not...

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