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Day 4 Weds July 2

All of the pics from yesterday are nowhere to be found, so you'll just have to use your imagination. I feel like I got robbed!

Got on the road at 7:58 after a quick cup of coffee. Turns out I was 8.5 miles from Burgdorf, which was closed down anyway. Not really much to see, just some cabins and a few old buildings. More 60MPH gravel.

Frrom there I followed the road down into McCall for gas, and a check with the friendly Ranger, Robert, who, after checking the latest update, told I could get over the gravel roads through Yellow Pine, and down into Stanley
So I took Lick Creek road out of McCall, and had a beautiful ride up to Yellow Pine, a town of 35 people in the winter, and many more in the summer. I was surprised to see an Espresso sign on a little trailer at one end of town, so I stopped and visited with June, the proprietor, for a while. She and her husband used to run the Warm Lake Lodge nearby, but retired to Yellow Pine, and now snowbird in Arizona in the winter. She sells coffee for something to do. She let me fill up my camelbak and water bladder with ice and freezing cold water! Thanks June! You rock!

From there I headed South, down 413, a nice twisty gravel road with awesome views. I took a little side trip up up this really steep and rutted 2 track, with a sign that said there was a lake at 6 miles and another at 10, but turned back after about a mile when it turned from challenging to really freaking difficult. I should have shot a couple pics of that, it was gnarly. But I didn't want to crash, and it was pretty much a certainty if I tried to keep going on on that road, so I headed back to the mainline and continued South.
When I got to the pavement again, I saw a sign for Warm Lake, and being only 9 miles away, I headed for it. At the top of a hill which turned out to be the summit of the climb from the lake basin, I ran into a group of about 8 bicyclists, and stopped to chat. They were from Portland, Seattle, and Montana, and had gotten together to ride a week long loop they'd found somewhere. They had just pedaled up from Warm Lake.

Holy Crap! I knew it was downhill to the lake, but it was a steep descent that switched back again and again, with really tight turns. Damn fun, but I couldn't imagine pedaling up that sucker! And in 80+ temps! They were all young and buff, but still, what a workout. Probably 3 or 4 miles of steep ascent with no relief until the top. Hard core for sure.

Warm Lake turned out to be a bit of a tourist trap, at least by my standards. I didn't check the temp of the lake.

At that point I was starting to think about finding a place to camp, and had already burned up a good bit of gas, so I searched and found the nearest gas to be in Cascade, about 25 miles away.

After thinking about it, I decided to play it safe and top off, even if it meant a bit of pavement to get there. But what a bit of pavement it was! Yet another well maintained twisty windy road through awesome scenery. I was really feeling good, and riding well too, at least it seemed that way. Carving through one corner after another for miles, with a big smile on my face. After a while it straightened out though, and the last few miles into town were pretty, but boring.
I went straight to the gas staiion and while there I talked to a guy on a BMW, I think it was a K bike of some sort? Sorry I'm not up on my BMWs. He said he also had a Honda 650L dual sport. Matt, if your with us, it was nice meeting you and chatting at the gas pump.

So back the way I'd come, past Warm Lake, up that awesome set of switchbacks, and back onto the gravel road 413 where I settled on Buck Mtn Camp. It's a tiny campground with 3 sites, kind of a crappy little place, but has a nice stream running next to it, has a pit toilet, and picnic tables. Good enough! My site was not next to the water, but close enough to hear the stream.

I jumped into my swim trunks and went and laid down in the stream. brrr! but it felt great! I also washed some clothes in a ziplock bag, and later even took a shower with my solar shower. It didn't have a chance to warm up completely but was not too cold at all.

Cooked up some dinner and typed up my notes from the day, and started a small fire in the fire ring hoping to drive some of these mosquitoes away. They are pretty thick :(

Total miles: 262
Bike nap count: Still holding at 2

Day 5 coming up, then if I don't screw up and lose all my pics, I'll share the Hailey Idaho Independence day celebration with you.
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