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Day 5 Thurs July 3

Getting caught up finally! Good thing cause it's getting late!

Day 5 Thurs July 3

Man it got cold last night. Not freezing cold, but cold enough that I woke up shivering and had to put on my shirt and camp pants. I slept in a bit but was on the road by about 8:45am.

It was a beautiful morning and I felt great as I stood on the pegs and let the beauty flow by. The bike is running sweet, and even loaded down I can throttle steer through the gentle sweepers, especially as the rear tire wears down. I love the feeling of the bike skittering around under me as I drift over the marble covered road, just pointing the bike where I want it to go and gassing it. Sometimes you just find your groove, and I was feeling it this morning. Spectacular!

My senses were barraged by the sights, scents, and occasional oh shit moments, due to the numerous deer that like to leap out in front of you, and by the 4 wheeled road hogs who seem to think that nobody else uses this particular road except them. I learned a long time ago to always hug the right side of the road because too many others don't.

I often take left handed photos on the go, but have the camera on a lanyard so if I drop it I won't lose it.

It was a zen-like ride down the fast gravel enjoying the views

but watching out for these:

most of which were to rude to allow me time to get my camera out before bounding off manically into the woods, or across the road again. I must have seen a dozen deer in a few mile stretch.

Also other things to watch out for

More really beautiful scenery

A selfie in motion

You can't see it in the pic but I'm grinning

Lots of this forest had burned not so long ago making for striking views

Eventually I reached the pavement that led to Stanley.

More nice views, but a long straight road

I've been to Stanley a couple times before, on a Sasquatch Dual Sport Tour, and with Michele on the Goldwing, and I had assumed I would have cell service, but no such luck. I stopped at the visitor center where the nice lady let me use here cell to call Diane, who I was to meet here. It was about 10:30 by this time and I worried she would be on the road and not answer, but Luckily she did, and told me to hang out at the Bridge Street grill, where her brother is a chef. So I did.
I ordered smoked trout eggs Benedict, because I have low will power, and because I didn't want to hang out here for a couple hours and only order coffee. The trout was fresh caught and smoked this morning. Yes, it was quite tasty.
While waiting I talked to these nice people, Craig and Terry

who were out for a ride to Boise, I think? Anyway, had a nice chat with them.

Then my host Diane rode up on her Fat Boy (I learned that's what it's called today) and Craig snatched my camera out of my hand and took this

Diane grabbed a mushroom burger and I had the first beer I'd had since Saturday (Hey, I'd had breakfast!) and then we headed out to ride the 70 some miles South to Hailey.

The parking lot was filling up. Quiz: Which motorcycle is different?

A couple left handed shots on the way to Hailey

And now I'm in my about done for the night. I've had a shower, dinner, I'm caught up on my Ride Report (although I'm still pissed about all the missing pics, I'm going to have to be more careful and develop a better protocol to prevent this), caught up on laundry, and have a real bed to sleep in.

Happy happy.

More to come, so don't touch that dial!

Total miles: only 96
Motorcycle spontaneous repositionings: Still holding steady at 2
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