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Originally Posted by radianrider View Post
Unsurefooting, glad you are enjoying the thread. I've only just begun riding out that direction and I am finding that there is a LOT more good riding to be had out that way. Plan to get out there more often this summer. Any tips on what I should go looking for?

It has been interesting, I thought from the few car trips I've taken out that direction that most of it was flat. Just isn't--and I like the riding.

Jay, I can see how taking a girl from OK around the backroads out there could create some confusion. Reminds me of taking my Chicago-raised then girlfriend (now wife) to the wilds of western MI to meet my parents. Naturally, I took her in on the two-track roads instead of the paved. Freaked her out, but it amused me immensely.
There are a lot of covered bridges out there, and many small towns with good character. There are a couple of reservoirs, including one you can boat on, (Raccoon Lake) if you're into that, and Mansfield is out there. They have stuff going on all year.

There's Turkey Run State Park up on 41, which would be a good 2-up if y'all like hiking or canoeing (sugar creek).
Because so much is riding on your tires.
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