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my goal today was to get close to Tampere. Tampere was the whole reason for this trip. from 4-6 July a few fellow Warrior owners will be there.

I was able to get my tent up and inside just in time!!! About 3 minutes later thunder lightening rain and the hail!

After it was over I went outside to check the damage. nothing torn up on the tent or motorcycle. So I relaxed the rest of the evening knowing I only had about 60km to go until Tampere.

I got to Tampere early wanting to get some shopping done. My buddy told me a few places to possibly pick up some new WATERPROOF gloves. I got to the place at 10:30 but it wasn't open the garage and mechanics were working so I asked how do I get in. They told me it doesn't open until 10. I looked at them pulled my phone out said umm its 10:30. They stared at me like I was an idiot and said no its 9:30. DOH I must of passed over a time zone somewhere and lost an hour.....

Anyways I eventually got a new pair of gloves!

I got some lunch then had time to kill since I just gained that hour lol. Found a place to un roll my tent and let it dry out

I had been having issues with, what I hoped was, my starter switch. Sometimes I would press the start button but nothing happened. So still killing time I decided to take it apart in the parking lot.
This was the inside of the switch housing. I don't know how a bee got in there but I hope he is related to that SOB that stung me on my way to Volgograd a while back.

The switch before and after

Put it back together with a dab of electrical grease and looked like everything worked. About this time everyone started showing up! the main reason for the trip was this meeting of a few fellow Warrior owners!

It was time to go out to eat so we all moved our bikes to the garage. When I started mine the tachometer was dead..... No light on it nothing. Well Ill look into that tomorrow. Started it up parked it and off into the night we all went
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