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If you haven't suffered any damage from the factory filter, then I just don't understand what the complaining is about. Is it the $70? On an $18,000 purchase? Hmmm...

You know the factory filters are disposable items. You're supposed to toss them at each service. I have no idea what they cost, but I'd guess somewhere around $20-$30 each. Unlike most bling, the Uni-Filter solves a real-world problem. It costs roughly ~$59 and can be cleaned and re-used for years! Time and again the oiled foam filter has proven to provide much greater flow and protection than paper cartridge filters. So... to sum things up; you'll solve the leaky airbox issue, gain better flow, increase particle filtration, and the whole thing pays for itself in about 2-3 filter services... and supports a company that invests in manufacturing an accessory for a bike we all love to own and ride (Uni-Filter, not me... I hate all you guys... )

Now, short of those unfortunate few that didn't catch the problem in time... why are the rest complaining? The money? Just doesn't add up to me...

~ Ken

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