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Originally Posted by PowerCell View Post
Leave the socks out.. I do. You can research oil foam vs paper element on your own.
I know what you say. Nothing against foam filters on this side, an I bought an Unifilter that is waiting to be installed at the very first sign of dust.
For now I installed the KTM mesh socks, the KTM PP filter, and greased and duct taped the airbox. We'll see how well that goes.
You'll find plenty of info on the subject that goes far beyond one individual and a dyno.
Still, we have a lot of forum talk vs. a single person who actually did technically accurate tests, and his numbers say the Unifilter decreases power (a bit on its own, a lot with the socks). This is no tragedy in itself, but it does make it kind of strange to still hear "flow gains, power increase" etc.
Until there are more tests done, that maybe show different numbers, for me the Uni is decreasing power.
Again, not a problem, and for perfect protection might be worth it.
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