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Fuel Pump Fail

The fuel pump on the 950 adventure is based on contact points which close a circuit to fire a solenoid pushing a membrane in and out sucking and pushing fuel through the pump (with the help of one way valves like your heart) to your carbs.

The current flowing in the contact points is quite large and eventually electrically "burns" the points away to the point of failure. This can happened anywhere from 0 to tens of thousands of miles but will eventually happen. I pulled my pump to inspect at 10K miles and they were already very worn down.

Your do not have to buy another new pump and have 4 main options:
1. buy new contacts and replace - requires a bit of soldering.
2. Replace with a vacuum style pump which does not use points.
3. Bypass large current in points with a FET Diode
4. use Dr Bean optical switch kit

#1 is moderate cost but will fail again at some point.

Contact point can be purpased at:

#3 is the cheapest cost and requires some soldering skills but is not very tough. Should only be done with points in good condition as it still uses them.
#4 Dr Bean kits is less work and very nicely built with great instructions.
#2 is the most cost and work but many have had success.

I have tried #3 and #4 and they both work great.

Dr Bean kit info here:

And other details are here:

Mike Z
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