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"Facere tempus ut veho"

Near as I can tell that means Make time to ride.

I'm a Pennsylvanian born and raised, and have forever enjoyed just riding around and looking at stuff. Cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, to no place in particular. For me the fun is the surprise. I enjoy seeing a rusty Rambler sitting on its side just as wholly as a rapidly descending mountain stream cutting through a valley. Thinking about what treasures may be hidden behind the next log pile or over the next ridge is it's own type of intoxication, so I try to travel on roads where I can hope to be surprised more often than not. I understand the appeal of high strung engines but they have never been my preference. I'm drawn more to the heavy flywheel, double-clutching type of motive power. This helps explain my Royal Enfield.

I bought my Enfield from a dealer who was no longer selling them, he had kept it and used it himself for a few rides, so I bought it with just over 300 miles on the clock..... not even broken in. When it went over 15000 miles late last year I thought I'd celebrate that with a trip somewhere, and this spring I decided that since I'd never been there, somewhere would be Alabama.

Google maps showed 800 and some miles to the town I'd picked at random, so I knew this would take me a few days. I figured the first week of summer has the longest days so that would be when I'd go. I invited my wife along but she declined when I mentioned tenting. My brother-in-law said he would go if I wanted to leave a week later, as he already had vacation scheduled, so we started to plan.

D (my brother-in-law) thought that I should have a destination in mind other than "random town", and asked if there was anywhere in Alabama that I'd like to go? I'd like to see the Barber museum......and I am going to Alabama......OK, I'll take another day off work and we'll try to get there.
Around this time my Daddy-in-law (Jack) says what the heck, he'll come too. Now the planning starts in earnest. I have my wife pick me up some paper maps from the AAA, then with highlighter in hand I spend a couple evenings crawling around on the floor highlighting routes across 7 states. I see that we'll be sorta in the area so we may as well hit the dragon too.

With the time off scheduled and the planning completed I turn my attention to preparing my Enfield. Change the oil, adjust the chain, lube the cables, pack some extra tools and a few spares and the bike is ready. I do a dry run packing tent, bedroll, camp stool, etc. and after some adjustments declare myself ready, and I had a day and a half yet before time to leave.

Our plan was to leave on a Tuesday after I got home from work. I thought we could get a 3 hour head start and make it part ways through West Virginia before nightfall. When quitting time Tuesday finally got here my wife had supper ready, and we ate quickly while listening to a thunderstorm brewing outside. The rain finally broke through just after D headed up the driveway. It stopped pretty quickly though, so we all said our so-longs and we were on our way, Alabama bound!

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