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I keep meeting fellow travelers on bikes here in McCarthy. Even saw a 650gs parked along the trail out to the glacier I walk for work. It's pretty rad being a small town where 4th of July just means ridiculous costumes, a parade and guys firing shells into the river bank. This town is off the grid, but definitely a place that is not even close to boring. There's some pretty great and also some pretty messed up stories from the locals out here.

McCarthy is about 8 hours East from Anchorage into the Wrangell wild. The last 60 miles is dirt road from the town of Chitna to the "end of the road". A footbridge is the only real way into town after that, but it's wide enough for ATV's and bikes. Locals have cars they bring across the ice or the private bridge but the only out of town vehicles are people like us riding through AK. I've met a few crews from the midwest so far and love seeing you other guys riding out here and hearing your stories.

I will warn you though- Everyone knows everyone and your bike might be the only unknown vehicle in the entire town at any given time. If you ride around faster than 10-20 mph through town or blow by the Miller's place on the way up to Kennicott you will get definitely some dirty looks from the locals and they'll know exactly where to find you to give you some shit.

Figured I would toss that out there since I would have had zero idea and probably would have mobbed around with a grin on my face if I had rode right on into town without knowing how they did things here.

But this is a rad place. Come check it out.
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