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Eh? TPS Troubles

I have had some problems with the bike rev's up to 3000rpm and 4000rpm .

The 990 is a 2007 black ABs model @ 55,000kms , the problem started about 12 months ago with the bike not wanting to run smoothly .

Then about 5 months ago the bikes rev's went up to 3000 rpm to 4000 rpm while riding along and I had No control of this .

Last week we set of for a 9 day ride and had just had some cutting out of the engine without any reason .

I replaced the fuel pump that I got from Gefr and had no problems from then .

We started the ride and then the rev's started going up to 4000 rpm and staying there , I contacted a friend about the F1 light that was sensing the 6 flashes that is the TPS problem .

I got the bike to the KTM dealer to change the TPS over .

When they received the TPS it was worked out that it was the other TPS that they rarely have any problems with , and it is not the Main TPS .

KTM and the dealer are trying to get some information from the Throttle body suppliers so that they can reset the values on the TPS .

There is also the other possible of the clutch switch or the main TPS giving a fault in the feed back to the other TPS that is causing the high rev fault .

The only other way to repair this problem is to replace the Throttle body as they don't sell the other TPS as a separate item .

Any one got any help for me , or has any one fitted the 2011 TPS on to the 2007 model as they have different ECU.

Thanks Tezza
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