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Originally Posted by Bluesilver View Post
Just be careful, the lid leaks and unless ktm have fitted an extra seal as uni does then everytime you remove the lid be cock sure the lid is fitted correctly. DNA is just a single oiled filter...all it does is not distort when water gets into the dna is now in a bag in the garage with an uni in the 1190....not taking a chance.
Yeah my motor has already had dust damage and it was not fixed, so I am riding with a damaged motor that might still get more dust in. If the filter works fine then its good to know. If the filter does not work and lets more dust in and the motor breaks, well that's great. I will then have them give me a new motor and make them fit the unifilter at their cost. So its a win win situation, I already can not trust my motor because of the previous damage so I just ride it close to home. If they get me the new motor I will then do anything I can to keep the dust out.
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