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duct taped my air box worked but I might as well not have a filter with the paper thing they put in ..It sucked dust . Only 1K of riding with only 2 hrs being dirt!!
KTM are flat out criminal to do this ..They are literally sending people out the door with a $$$$$$$ bike that absolutely will self destruct over time if the owner does not check the air box. They absolutley know this by now but carry on selling people bikes with what amounts to no air filter installed.The air box construction looks like it was designed for a 50 cc bike out of China..and do not get me started on the crazy bags they sell with.
Ya I expect some issues with any new bike ..but I have never seen such huge hard fails ever with any other biker ..that are not addressed.

As to those willy nilly saying hey go out get the UNI drop a few ponies and be done, well they are part of the problem.
NO one should ever have to have such a critically important issue with an expensive bike.
We here are prolly more in tune with our bikes and do some wrenching ..but there are a lot of wannabe "adventurers" out there blindly motoring around on 1190's ..with filterless bikes sucking dirt and degrading they ride.
Lots of busted motors in KTMs future and damning articles in the bike rags to follow. ..maybe if they are not paid off by KTM as they seem to be .
As has been said re sale is going to plummet if this gets out...and it prolly will over time .
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