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Originally Posted by RonkoRider View Post
Hate to rain on the parade, but while reading a ride report where someone asked for donations to keep their ride going, one of the mods chimed in and said that Baldy and the Powers that be do not allow for solicitation of funds for rides or projects like this.

I pm'd GadgetBoy directly and shared what I had proposed. He stated the following:

If you posted a link to another website that had a donation fund link there, I would contribute. But we can't solicit funds here. Sorry!
Folks there's no hard feelings here, I respect the rules and have no wish to piss in anyone's tent. I will make sure that it is OK with TPTB to post a link, if not, then I will keep you all posted on the goings on of the team. I am thrilled that you all take an interest in what these young people have accomplished. They bust their collective butts and I want the world to know. I freely admit that I am biased and I am NOT ashamed to say so!

Just to update, the team is close to making an announcement regarding the future direction they intend to take. I will be sure to let you all know what they decide.
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