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GP Bikes lead times for service are ridiculous - have you considered Mission Cycle in Angus, Apex in Cambridge or even Ready in Mississauga (though I have no idea how experienced Ready is given that they just became a KTM dealer last year)? I am taking my bike into Mission on Thursday for the 1000km service (plus to diagnose a front head "click" when braking, slight coolant leak after riding and hopefully get some kind of heat shield under my seat - the silver foil stuff I've seen here on other threads). My guys at Mission have told me not to worry one bit about the air filter box - I will have a look inside when it's apart on Thursday to see for myself whether or not there is an actual problem / concern...

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Update - I got a call from KTM Canada today after leaving multiple messages over the last 3 months. Apparently they had a massive system issue and have over 500 calls to return. Good news is that KTM is aware of the air box issue and said they have issued a service bulletin to dealers (although I asked at a dealer on Saturday and they didn't know about it) I've got a uni on order - so will bring it in to service as soon as I get the filter and can get an appointment at GP Bikes. I feel better now that I got a call.
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