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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
GP Bikes lead times for service are ridiculous - have you considered Mission Cycle in Angus, Apex in Cambridge or even Ready in Mississauga (though I have no idea how experienced Ready is given that they just became a KTM dealer last year)? I am taking my bike into Mission on Thursday for the 1000km service (plus to diagnose a front head "click" when braking, slight coolant leak after riding and hopefully get some kind of heat shield under my seat - the silver foil stuff I've seen here on other threads). My guys at Mission have told me not to worry one bit about the air filter box - I will have a look inside when it's apart on Thursday to see for myself whether or not there is an actual problem / concern...
Hey alongat,
Nice to see another Ont rider on here. I agree - GP wait times are longgg... And it's jaunt to get there. I do trend to trust them as I bought the bike there and they've been with KTM for a long time. I went to Ready on Saturday to check out the service dept. Nice guy - way way closer to home for me - but I was not left with confidence when they hadn't heard about the air box issue and couldn't estimate how long it would take to check it. I have the same pop and click when braking. Had it fixed at first service but it only stayed fixed for 1 day. There is something that needs to be tightened under the triple clamp. I haven't been to mission or apex - but I will be very very interested to hear your feedback after Thursday - and if you're a happy camper I'll give them a try.
Btw - I have the grey and with the standard seat with the foil and it was still a ball roaster. I bought the wings seat cooler and it works as advertised - and I just got the power parts ergo seat (have to get the heating wires installed still) but it seems to help too. The heat is manageable now and doesn't bother me.
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