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Some additional commentary on day 2.

Beautiful ride to Ophir. Excellent weather and perfect temps. Getting stopped by the snow was definitely a disappointment. Mark had regaled us with tales of Herculean efforts from the previous year of climbing the route we would've descended.

Mark thought he might be able to salvage the adventure and find a potential route around the snow. He comes prepared and whips out his iPad mini with an app (he'll have to tell which) that has highly detailed topo and satellite imagery cached on the device.

We decided to take the bypass route option Mark laid out just in case. The 2.5 hour, 83 mile ride definitely turned into a drone after a while and by the time we arrived at Carvers it seemed like we'd been riding much longer than that.

Carvers: food, drink, fuel, recuperate a bit. Head out to Jefferson canyon.

As Mark mentioned, Jefferson Canyon was quite challenging. The road definitely seemed to have suffered some serious water damage. Numerous baby heads and Fester heads, exposed roots, and ruts galore. I was glad to be on the little 250 and wasn't envying Danny on the massive and loaded KLR.

The final climb up the pass was fun and challenging, but there was one 5' washout/drop off around a turn that would gladly eat a bike. The little WR wasn't panting so much as screaming. Just like every WR250R owner before me has said - you have to ride them like two strokes. Sometimes this means winding them out on a hill climb which makes them a little more squirrelly.

Once at the top of Jefferson Pass we waited for Danny. And Waited. Uh oh. Waited some more. He wasn't that far behind. So Don and I, being on the lightest bikes, went back down to investigate. We didn't have to get far before finding Danny walking his KLR up a particular steep section.

This is a picture of Don, almost skating down the rock, to help Danny - which you can barely see to Don's left.

Here's a poor panorama shot where Danny's getting geared up to ride the final, easier, section. Oh yeah - Mark came down too after 15 or so minutes to make sure all was well. We'd (or at least I'd) forgotten we all had radios. Doh.

The rest of the ride into Belmont was fun and fast. No picture as I think we were focused on making up time.

Improvising a new route based on intel from the Saloon owner in Belmont we rode strait to Diana's Punchbowl's_Punchbowl.

Mark and Dano

A highlight of the day was this little gem of a hot spring. It was the first hot spring I'd ever been it.

Simply plug the hole with an old sock (provided in the tub) redirect the hot flowing water from the nearby stream into the tub using some tubing:

Add a few sweaty and grimy dirt bikers and voila - spirits raised:

Onward to finding a very cool campsite….

When you're riding a KLR, you can bring some serious kitchen kit and supplies:

Got a little fire going to keep away the mosquitos:

Basic stats:
Miles: 186
Riding time: 10.5 hours.
F800GS [FOR SALE btw], 250 XCF-W, 690 Enduro R
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