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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post

US made rally fighters ... sure seem close to the french effort
Hi Mike

In which way, do you mean these are "close" to the French effort?

The little I have heard about these "rally fighters" comes from a very breif segment I saw on US TOP GEAR, where Tanner Faps took one out for a shake down on some bayou roads and give it a floggin'.

As I understood, these are a tube chassis with body panels on. They have a Corvette fuel injected V8, auto transmission and torque converter, driving a solid rear axle w/four link (rear 2WD) and the engine up front/pushed back to the firewall...?

The Phroggies are a monocoque/composite body with integrated tube frame, a 3.0 liter bi-turbo V6, 6 speed sequential manual transmission, four wheel independant coil over/double a-arm suspension (also rear 2WD) and the diesel donk in the middle/back.

Other than the two wheel dive factor... tjhey're pretty different cattle from what I can determine...

I think the rally fighter price tage is likely far more palatable for the average punter though?
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