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Day 2

By Day 2, I was worried about running out of rocks, not snow.

Mark motoring the bottom before the Ophir climb

Dano stretching on the joy ride

Danny on the fun side of Ophir

Doesn't look like much.

Disappointed- Had we gone done the east side, we would have hung two notches lower, one for ride down, two if we spent the night at the Jumping Jack.

Marc heading back down


Greg punishing the Montana for snow

Mark enjoying weather and Nevada

Quick note on Belmont Inn. The owner won't meet State codes (fire code to start with) in order to get a hotel business license. Any food, drink, lodging, or fuel is a personal transaction only. Last year he was a go- this year, no.

I'll skip Diana's punchbowl, a giant hot water toilet with no seat.

Pott's hot springs is a POI. We found it empty and diverted the pipes/ unplugged the tub as we found it to reduce algae growth.
A perfect temperature, you can put piped water over your dusty head. Dry in about 30 seconds, no need for the towel.

We moved piped water back to the creek, pulled the plug and dressed.

Just arrived at the mouth of Ike's Canyon after Pott's. It was getting late and we set up camp. Dano pic

A bowl at the entrance of Ike's makes the perfect campsite. Fire rings and some tent scraped spots make it a good choice. We filtered water from the stream nearby.

Up early enough to get some sun on the rim

Another nice day. Seems like we had a small window of seasons between snow on the pass, and the scorching heat of summer.
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