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When I left Little Rock last year on my first trip following the kerncountykids’s route to Colorado, I was riding this 1991 Nighthawk 750:

Due to the twists and turn of that particular trip, I found myself trading for this at Davis equipment in Montrose, a 2013 CB500X…

Shipped what luggage that I couldn’t fit home via UPS, and rode it 1700 ,miles back to Arkansas.

Imagine my surprise to see my old beauty still for sale in Montrose, a bit overpriced, but that’s their business, I guess; I still miss that old girl, the I-4 Hondas are unbeatable.

After Fletch’s tire was taken care of, we decided to ditch our luggage for the day and take a ride with Kyle on his FJR, following him through Gateway, Co. the decision to ditch the gear would come back to haunt us, but we were thinking, hey, it’s just asphalt, what could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, I inexplicably flatted on HWY 50; we had the means to break the tire from the rim, but no one had any air; so we strapped the rear wheel to Fletch’s oversized rear rack, and the crew roared off of to find a station, leaving me alone in the desert to ponder the error of my ways. Hundreds of bikes passed in the following hours, the only one that even slowed down to render assistance was a German kid on a KLR; so much for the brotherhood of bikers. Makes me wonder what’s up with all of this waving nonsense if one can’t be bothered to help a stranded rider. This guy finally stopped to help, travelling with his autistic son with cochlear implants; he filled up my camelback with ice and water, and we stood there in the desert discussing conspiracy theories until the wild bunch returned, prompting Kyle to say, “should have known we could drop Bret in the middle of the desert and he would find somebody to talk to!”

The loop from Whitewater to Gateway, then south to Naturita and east back to Ridgway is the most incredible stretch of road I have ever ridden; I had dreamed of riding it on a street bike, but the DR650 did an awesome job, carving up the canyons with ease. Getting a chance to ride this awesome stretch with Kyle, Zach, Fletch and Bryan was as experience I will take to my gravel. Words can’t begin to describe this magical place, but I will let the others try; on my last trip out here, I was moved to write the following words:

“Gateway is a fortress so impregnable that negative thoughts are incapable of entering”

If you have questions, Gateway has answers.

By God, Woodrow; it's been one hell of a party.
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