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Take It to The Bridge

Hey thanks man! Here's a few shots from around the Lisburn area along the Yellow Breeches.
************************************************** **********

Take it to the bridge! A more iconic line would be hard to find. Those immortal words by James Brown define funk.

Taking inspiration from this I indeed "took it to the bridge".
"It" being my Norton, & "the bridge" being actually a couple different real live bridges over the Yellow Breeches Creek which runs all thru our lovely area before finally spilling into the Mighty Susquehanna River at New Cumberland. Would James Brown be proud? Who cares!

Theses bridges accurately represent America's crumbling infrastructure. One day they'll all be gone. Until then they remain potent reminders of days gone by; each one is a work of aged beauty in its own right.


Description: Cool stone arch bridge at an old mill

Description: Riding along slowly, enjoying the summer air and greenery along this tiny lane.

Description: A really great iron bridge. Ornate and seemingly delicate, yet still Strong after all these years.

Description: A bit of B&W action

Description: Photo, arty, obligatory

Description: Plaque with the Story Of The Bridge

Description: More country lanes

Description: Nice!

Description: Fresh cut hay in the big round bales so common around here.

Description: One more of the Sheepford Road iron bridge

Last bridge of the day. Also along the Yellow Breeches. This is all located just a few short miles from my house. All pix taken with my iPhone 5s, edited in FotoLr, and posted via File Manager. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelein said, "Where's that confounded bridge?"

I got your bridge RIGHT HERE.


Description: Here's a great old crumbling bridge. There's so little traffic around here, it's not a problem at all to park, get off, and take the shot! Whee.

Description: Graceful double arches sweeping like the open wings of a Great Blue Heron.

Description: Mo B&W

Description: Descriptive Plaque

Description: Panorama coming off the Bridge Of Grace

Description: Newish wooden rail fence along another sweet little lane.

Description: The famous Yellow Breeches is a world class trout stream. A few dams can be found along its length but it's not the workhorse the Conodoguinet is.

Description: Tranquility. Study in Green.

Description: A view upstream.

Description: Down by the old mill stream. Ought a be a song there somewhere right?
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