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There is a very special place on this road, a natural spring hidden in the bushes gushing with water so cold it makes your front teeth throb. I bottled some up to bring home and put in the freezer in the eventuality that things get too unbearable, I'll have a taste of Gateway to get me over the hump.

Oh, and...

Before we left Little Rock, a paid a visit to my Doctor's office for a steroid shot for the old knees; getting old is a pain. The nurse and I got to talking about the trip, she said she was from Naturita, had went to school in Nutra, so I told her that I would get a pic of the city limits:

I didn't realize that the guys were waiting outside, so I got to talking (big surprise)to the older guy behind the counter at the gas n go; turns out he had taught high school in Nucla since 1962, and had my nurse as a student.

He hooked me up with a killer smoked sausage with cheese and jalapeņos, which made me very unpopular with the guys, both when I walked out with it, as well as later that night back at Kyle's, where it started wreaking havoc with my digestive system.

We stopped on the way back to Montrose at the Dallas Divide; it was insane to to go from the red desert to the blue mountains in such a short time... It's also awesome to be able to "feel" a mountain before you can actually see it; Mt Sneffels is such a mountain.
By God, Woodrow; it's been one hell of a party.
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