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Originally Posted by sdmdm8
Ahh that might help.

it is an 03 640 Adventure. Black and silver.

That's more better. The 2003 was the last year with the iddy biddy little girly bike pegs, and cheezy little left peg mount... the part that makes mounting aftermarket footpegs such a pain.
In 2004, KTM changed the Adventure to an SXC mount, threaded fittings (SXC style) in the frame and larger "off-road" pegs as OE.

You'll need to buy a left footpeg mount for a 625 SXC, and a pivot pin for it as well.

38 58403038000 FOOTREST BRACKET L/S ALU. $64.50
44 54803044000 BOLT FOR FOOT PED $7.91

You'll also need a fresh set of cotter pins and some bolts to bolt the left mount to the frame. The SXC ones don't work, nor do the Adventure ones. They are 10mm Allens, to fit in the recess of the SXC mount... about 55-60mm long, to reach thru the ADV frame.

There is a flat behind the pivot pin ears on the SXC mount where you will need to remove some material to allow the peg to slide in far enough for the pin to go thru... and to pivot as well. A hand grinder, mill... hell, as it appears to be forged aluminum, you could probably drill a big hole in it and it would still be plenty stong.
Once you have the SXC mount installed, you can mount any footpeg that fits any late model, off-road KTM.

Funny, for some reason I never took pics or did a guide of the whole process.
Anyway... if you desperately need pics to see whatís what, I can shoot a few maybe Friday night.

Thatís it,
So... how's tricks?

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