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Day 3 continued


It's hard to see because it snuck up on me. The Welcome to Quebec sign. Not a very big welcome. Well, we were on some small back roads. We'll get a bigger welcome later.

This was becoming a long warm day. The road was straight as hell and there was nowhere to stop for a break. We were getting pretty tired and needed a longer break.

We were in Quebec and I thought this would be a great time to try out the few, as in very few, words of French I knew. We stopped at this motel/restaurant to see how we could do in ordering lunch:

We went in and sat down in a booth. Several folks were there as well eating and talking. Couldn't understand a word of what was being said. No worries. The owner/cook/waitress/cashier came out and blurted something out that I didn't even begin to understand. I asked if she spoke english. No. Alrighty then, menu? Shrugs her shoulders. Menu, as I pretend to open a book. A gentleman next to us points to the wall and I see the menu written on the wall. Couldn't understand a thing written. Crap. I am failing miserably at this. The charades I was trying to play weren't working either. I asked for a drink. Soda, Coke? I point to the cooler as I see cans of soda. I get an Orange Crush for Dylan and a Ginger Ale for myself. That will do for now.

Going to have to do better than that if we're not going to starve.

We pay for the drinks and head back out and mount up.

Then you look at this sexy beast parked here and it all pays off.

Quebec had a few nice waysides or roadside parks.

Dylan enjoying being off the bike for awhile. We had a few Clif Bars and granola bars that we could always snack on if we got hungry.

A strange picture to take but I don't get to see an entire city street with signs I can't read. I had no idea what some of these places were.

One thing I REALLY like about eating at a McDonalds in Canada. They serve packets of vinegar for the french fries!

We were stopping more often later today. I was trying to get further but we were both getting tired. I took a wrong turn in Rouyn-Noranda and that deflated us for a little bit. Found a nice place to camp in Label-Sur-Quevillon while we were eating at McDonalds (I think that was in Val d'or).

It was reasonable, $20, and had showers and free laundry (found that out the next morning). Two young girls were at the office when we pulled up. The conversation went like this:

Bonjour. Hello, do you speak english. Yes, a little. Thank you. Oui. How much for a tent site? $20. Great I'll take a site then.

We finished filling out all the forms and the younger girl who spoke english says there is a $10 deposit for a key. What's the key for? Shower. What time do you open to get my deposit? 8am. I may be gone before then so I don't need a key for the shower. No toilet? You mean I need a key to pee? Oui, Oui. I need a key to go wee wee? She thought that was pretty funny but I think she was about to say the same thing. We go the key after leaving the deposit so we could use the showers and restrooms.

A photo from the front of our site:

Also from the back. You can see the bulldozer had just spread some gravel out. Not a lick of grass in the site. Oh well.

We had to put on our head nets here. The skeeters tried to carry us both off but the head nets and a little DEET kept them at bay. We were in bed early after a long day.

They had Wi-Fi at the office so we set up camp and went to the office to use it. The girl who spoke english was still there and was very helpful. Her name was Aurelie. She tried to get us to pronounce it better but we just butchered it. She laughed and thought it was funny. She was originally from Maine (explains the english). She pointed out the map along the Saint Lawrence Seaway on where we could watch for whales. Excuse me? Yes, you must stop to watch for whales. Cool!!! We're in!

We traveled 355 miles today and were pretty tired. We also went above the 49th Parallel today. We've been much higher but it was still a nice plateau to reach.
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