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Day 3: Gateway Loop

"Hey Zach, wake up you need to meet someone"
I roll over on the shag like carpet to face the voices that beckoned me.
With my contacts out I could only see my dad, short in stature and a tall old fella with a military cut. I could only assume who this was.
"So your Mississippi Mud" is my reply
Enter in another new character in our story. His name is Raymond or as he is affectionately know as "Goose".
Some people look like their nickname. He is one of those people.

Plan was to go down to the local motorcycle dealer and get Fletch a new tire.
Goose says in a gruff tone " I aint going down there I can there anytime" so we nod and continue to get ready to go. Finally he responds get in the car and Ill go with ya.
I wish we had a dealer like this in LR. Nice people and good inventory.
When we rolled in the first thing we spotted was an old friend

1991 Honda Nighthawk. This is the bike Jaw took to CO last year. He bought this old girl from girlfriends dad. It was like reuniting 2 lovers.

Fun Pig Kyle spotted Fletches new nickname.

After we got Fletches tire fixed we decided to hit Gateway. I had heard about how fantastic place is for the last year so we'll so how it lives up to it.

"Dont worry about your tools you wont need those its only slab" so I obliged and took off my tools roll and saddlebags.

1 hour later were pulling over on the side of the road. Guess what? Jaw has a flat. And guess what else? We left our tools at the house.
Thankfully I had my tire irons and bead breakers but no body brought their air compressors.
We take off Jaws wheel and decide to head down to a gas station and check whats wrong with it.

Strap it to fletches bike lets roll.
We get to Whitewater and its a ghost town not really even a town. So we press on and we see a KIA dealership now they have to have an air compressor.
We whip in and catch them right before the service portion shuts down. Real nice fellas let us use some of their equipment.
No leaks in the tube? This is one of the anomalies of the trip. Fletch had another tube so we just used it.

Wheel back on. Time to get rolling again.
All I have to say about Gateway is WOWZERS. I scoffed silently as I heard people call it "magical" or religious" but it truly is both those things and more.

Gateway General store

Hanging Flume

The natural spring almost beat Gothic for the best water

Naturita where Jaw scarfed down a hot dog and the rest of the party withered away from starvation.

Dallas Divide.

Kyle and Linda cooked out for us and treated us like kings once again. Hamburgers, baked beans and laughing at Monty Python clips. What more could one ask for.

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