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FWFW, I am using the SW Motech bars after trashing a set of the Alt Rider bars in AZ. SW bars tuck in much neater and are more rigid laterally. Both sets work with the Remus headers with no need for mods. If you haven't purchased the bars yet I would recommend the SW Motech bars and TT Expedition plate (with the slight mod needed to clear the pipes). I have a BD bash plate but it weighs a ton, hangs lower, and is a self leveling device (no, this isn't a good thing).

Originally Posted by YrianX View Post
Thanks again guys :)

Arrow is definitely out after some other feedback.

I think I should be able to mod the TT crashbars and if the SW motech ones are an option in the worst case I can always get rid of the TT ones ;)

So REMUS seems to be the most viable option so far.

Anyone out there that can / wants to share insight on the QD headers? I have had a hard time finding any useful concrete info on fit / build quality on those... But then again they are double the price more or less so if the Remus works well...

Thanks again guys for your valuable help and feedback.

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