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The ride north seemed to go awry. Mr PIA and I rode west out of Mulege back to the Pacific coastal route and waited for Mr Happy and Mr Big....we waited at the junction for about 1.5 hours, wondering what had happened and what our options were. Good riding etiquette says "retrace route and find buddies"....Mr PIA says "Fukkem, let's wait here" . I catch some rays, have a smoke just in time to see the military patrol drive up and give us a lokk over. I explain that we are waiting for friends and they continue down to Scorpion Bay 20 miles away. I decide the right thing to do is retrace our steps to Mulege and we return to La the smart thing to do is ride pavement to San Ignacio (bummer on knobbies and a KTM seat) and we get there as the sun is setting....

and find the other two at....

This less expensive establishment is a bit more difficult to find in San Ignacio than Rice & Beans, and is also 1/4 the price....I am happy to find the guys. Mr PIA almost runs smack into me as I turn into the lot as he has a tendency to follow me closer than a suppository....and he continues down the street only to be chased by a dog that helps him crash on the cobblestones....we run out into the street to have him roar up cursing a streak.

Karma is sometimes quick enough to give some folks whiplash, it would seem.

I suffer through a cold shower only to later realize hot water was somewhere yet to travel down the pipes.

We go out to eat, have a yelling match about someone short-changing the bill....and the mood is hitting a new low.

The next day it is up to Vizcaino and over to Bahia San Francisquito where I think we will be spending an overnight as previously planned. When we get there, the plans have somehow been hijacked and the three others have decided "we" are going through to Bahia de los Angeles...

I can't believe that the plans have changed this way without discussion and, despite me reminding them of the previous planning ideas, we were off to B of L A. We chose a more upscale joint than Guillermo's and had a good meal and swapped lies with other riders (KTM, GS)

Here, somehow the plans also excluded an overnight at Gonzaga, so the idea of lounging by the ocean was only something I tought was a good idea....the three others were on a race back to BC

I agreed to finish my ride as originally planned, borrowed a set of tire irons
and left the next morning after a warm sunrise and a chilly goodbye to los tres pendejos...

Along the way I came across my friends on two separate occasions fixing flats. Being reassured they didn't need any help, I followed their lead and set off on my own for a great ride back through Calamuje to Coco's, who radioed ahead and snagged me the last available room at Alphonsinas...

I lenjoyed the company of several couples from Idaho heading south on GS's and KTM's and a few other bikes...they treated me to supper and we all had a great time swapping lies.

The next morning was a windy ride back up to Puertocitos....

an ugly little place....

And the ride home took three days and took the scenic Arizona, Utah route instead of I-5 slab

And that was that trip.....

Next December with a different tears shed.....Mr Happy will likely hook up with us in December....we will show him how to relax and explore instead of Baja-1000 it all the time.....he says "Okay, so I will ride the KLR"
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