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Okay folks please don't flog me for this question because I'm sure it's been asked a bazillion times. I have a 2007 GS Adventure, what exactly do I need to purchase? Or what pieces do you recco??? Thank you in advance...
Hey there, 1224R. All your questions are welcome. Almost everything is welcome here. No floggings, heh heh.

As far as what to get for your GS, there are a couple of different ways. There's the original IICE Air, the 'classic' version we could say. And the new Digital Air, Smooth, and Cool devices are just around the corner. The Digital models have combined functions. For example, the Air and the Smooth functions, but in one box.

The minimum summary to make a decision is below. There are more details in the Hotrod thread in GSpot. And the full development and functions of the Digital devices will continue with 'engineer's notebook' style posts, like we did with the IICE Air.

-Air does its job during open loop acceleration. Works when the motor RPM is increasing. Same function as Booster Plug, Accelerator, Juice Box, and other products.

-Cool maximizes transient throttle response. Works like an accelerator pump on a carburettor. Operates when the throttle is cracked open. This one is my favorite.

-Smooth is the double O2 sensor controller. Works when the motor is in closed loop. Some similarities to the XIED but controls two O2 sensors. Digital control provides automatic operation, aging sensor compensation, and sensor diagnostic functions.


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