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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
What da hell?

Most shields are easy as hell to change, even my Arai which is notorious for having a WTF(?) shield system can be changed in all of 10 seconds, it tales me longer to get the levers out than it does to get the other shield on.

I had an EX1000 with the drop down, that damn lid was heavy, heavy, heavy, and the visor wasn't worth the neck strain over my X-11 or Corsair, so its on perma-back up duty, I haven't even taken it out of the box in like 2 years.
My Arai XD-4 takes far longer then 10 secs. Half the time I can't get the cheap plastic screws to line up properly. The XD-4 truly needs a quick release option.

Spring to Fall I wear a tinted shield and carry clear motorcycle glasses for riding at night and just keep the face shield up. Once winter sets in here in a Boston I put the stock clear shield back in since it's too cold without it. Suns at my back going to work and it's dark when I leave in winter.
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