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Day 3 Wednesday May 13

Something that I didn't mention before. My original plan was shot to crap before I even started the trip. I was originally going to take the 15 days until my reservation to meander on down to Puerto Vallarta. The reason my plan was shot to crap was that my cousins wife called me up to say she was doing a surprise birthday party for my cousin the Saturday after my sabbatical starts.
This meant my new plan was to meander to Idaho, spend a few days with my family and surprise my cousin then move in a faster than meander speed towards PV.


An even more restful night than the previous. I get up and start to break down camp and put my gear on. When I put my pants on, (the new Bilt Explorers I bought for this trip) I discover that the change from my left pocket is now in my left ankle.

Let me back up a little bit here. Before I went to bed at Bear Hollow campground I had discovered my keys, which I had put in my right pocket, down at my right ankle. After 1 day of riding the seam in the pocket had given up, now after the second day of riding the other pockets seam had given up. These pants are supposed to be my protection if I happen to do the “Pete Rose” while riding. At this point I had no faith that these pants wouldn't just blow up if they ever contacted the ground. My planned route for the day was NF-10 to Granite then paved roads to Cycle gear in Meridian ID and exchange these pieces of crap pants for anything that wasn't a Cycle Gear specific brand.

Back to NF-10. This is 37 miles of dirt road and one of the more major NF roads. I wasn't planning on adventure. I started getting an uneasy feeling when I started getting to snow which only had dirt showing through at the tire tracks. I was still rising in elevation. I then came to a patch of snow that the tire tracks didn't’ break through all the way to the ground. I made it through that section fine and was now heading down hill. I thought I was home free. Around a few more corners and about 10 miles from Granite, I found my nemesis snow bank. It was a fairly sharp banked corner. The snow being much higher on the outside of the corner made it banked even more steeply. There was one set of tire tracks which had been made through here some time ago. I decided to try and take the lower and shorter tire track. I got about a third of the way and my front tire kept trying to slide down the slope. I should point out that there was a ravine and creek where my front tire was trying to go. I decided this wasn't worth the risk. I pushed my bike backwards out of the snow and attempted the top tire track. This one looked more defined and I felt as though my tires wouldn't try and make a break for the creek.
I was correct, my tires didn't’ try and go anywhere. I got a few feet in and my tires just sunk in. Looking at my choices; the possibility of 10 more miles of this lost out to turning around and riding the 27 miles back to pavement and ensuring I made it to Cycle Gear before they closed.

I made it to Cycle Gear. Spending the next 4 days with family. Motorcycle trip to continue on Monday May 19th.
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