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Day 4 Monday May 19

Boise to almost Las Vegas

The day started out right for adventure. I got halfway between Boise and Mt Home (the next town), when I got my first motorcycle flat tire..... ever. It was karma. I had been carrying around 2 spare tubes and decided to lighten my load some so I left one at my parents house. That'll teach me. The valve stem had been completely ripped off of the tube, so there was no repairing it. I put my only spare tube into the tire and continued on.

Now I worried that I'd get another flat and have no way to continue on without assistance. I called around in Mt Home and no one had any tubes.
I then pressed my luck and continued on to Twin Falls. Pressed luck turned into good luck. Action Motorsports was open and had my size of tube. I bought one.

Leaving Twin Falls the wind started and there were storm cells dropping moisture from the sky. I did my best to avoid them but I couldn't dodge them all. I got moist.

Here's a picture of some of the clouds behind the sign. I have a habit of taking pictures of information signs because I know I'll forget what they say later on.

I wasn't expecting to say this next line when I started this trip.

I wish I had my heated gear for Nevada.

I got to Wells NV and they had a sign up saying that the road was closed 26 miles ahead, expect delays. I saw people coming the other way so I figured they might just have one lane closed. I got to about 25 miles and I reached a stopped convoy of cars, RV's and Semi's. Since I'm on a motorcycle I weaved my way to the front. Where I was met by a Dept of Trans person who was not excited about me coming up there. I park my bike a couple of semi lengths back, got off of the bike and approached the scene. The DoT worker was much more pleasant now. There was an over turned apple truck carrying 43k lbs of apples, blocking both lanes.

I stated that it was probably apple sauce now. The tow trucks had arrived and were going to right the sideways applesauce truck. I was told it would be about an hour before they would be done and traffic could start moving.
I looked off to the side of the road and it was all sage brush as fare as the eye could see. I inquired if they would mind if I went out there in the brush to pass the truck and come back onto the road where the other direction of cars were stopped. They said as long as I stayed at least 50ft from the truck I should be fine. They were saying that the top was going to pop on that trailer when it was righted. While that would have been something to see, I didn't want to wait an hour.

As I came back onto the road past the truck, the people out of there cars were giving me smiles of approval and thumbs up. This happened down most of the line. I hope they weren't doing that thinking that the road was opened.

I stopped at a rest area to rest and warm up a little bit in the small hut used for other things. That rest area had all sorts of information about the Pony Express, The Lincoln Highway and about the natives that used to live in the area.

Here's one of the pics for the Pony Express.

The wind was an ongoing theme. I stopped in Ely NV for dinner and fuel. When I left it was dark. Wind was still blowing. When I got down in elevation some after Ely it at least warmed up a little bit. I continued on through the dark until about 70miles from Las vegas when I got a hotel.
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