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That Honda clutch lever is still functioning just fine, as are the zipties... I'm leaving them there as a mute testimony to the ingenuity of Thump and Trash, and the riding ability of Fletch, who didn't crash once on his lonely 5 mile trek across the desolate landscape to Silverton, and then actually INTERACTED WITH PEOPLE!!! I'm so proud of them all(sniff).

That, and I'm too baroque to fix everything that needs fixing:
Right side plastic cover(melted through)
Two hand guard mounts
Left hand mirror
Left indicator
790cc big bore kit, actually doesn't need fixing, still would be nice.

In all seriousness , these guys are the crew you want to ride with when things go pear shaped, as they never say die. We headed up Ophir Pass, a little apprehensive of the traffic on the switchbacks; it seemed the the ATV crowd is terrified of being separated by more than 10ft, so any consideration for others ascending was ignored so that they might maintain their tight formation. Upon arriving at thee Pass, any negative thoughts were blown away by the vista and the camaraderie between our riders; you would think we had summited Everest. I wish I could have stood there in solitude and soaked it in, but my reverie was interrupted by a blindside snowball from Fletch the Dastardly, and the battle was joined, at least until I ran out of air.

As I was taking some pics of the brave adventurers, a huge bald headed bird flew directly over our heads, didn't fly like an Arkansas buzzard; a condor, maybe?

By God, Woodrow; it's been one hell of a party.
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