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Starting the day at the mouth of Ike's Canyon

Snow digging

Mark at the top of the pass after the snow trail.

It was great trail.

Not much you can do with a break and no splints. Did have a 4" roll of the sticky gauze to help stabilize the joint. Only wrapped it for rider comfort. By that time you get the after effect of released adrenaline causing nausea. Add in swelling from tissue damage at the break. Don't know how he rode the 610 down a jeep side hill. Danny had excellent trailside manner.

Our side of the Cascades- Mark would have been in chains.

Austin hotel let us stay in the room most the day getting set for Battle Mountain shuttle.

We were lucky. Dano self-rescued to Austin. Marc did us a favor by getting him to Reno for a flight home. Four of us continued on the northern loop.
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