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Yes that was a long day! They got me to BM "hospital" about 8:00P.M. Broke my wrist around 9:00 A.M. However there was no X ray tech or physician on duty at that time of night. So the guys leave, and I was to call for a pickup ride after I was through.

So they called in the X ray tech and she arrives pretty quick, takes a few photos and says, I'm not the doctor but that looks pretty bad.

I had made a deal with the wife that after my last get off, as long as my bike related injuries don't require any surgeries, then I can keep riding. I've had my share since we've been married. Broken ankle, two collar bones, broken scapula, ribs finger etc. She said it's hard on her... I have to admit that rehabbing injuries is getting a bit old.

Anyway back to BM hospital. They have to call in a doctor from home. Small place, I can hear the conversations at the front desk from my exam room. Doctor says she'll be in asap.

Twenty minutes later she calls to say that she can't get the kids to sleep, please call someone else.
40 minutes later appears another doctor, but he can't see me until he logs into the system. His password has expired and he hasn't been in in so long that the email with a new one has also expired too. Two calls to their tech support and( I'm trying to laugh) and finally he comes in to see me.

Looks at the xray and says, no big deal, simple old lady fracture, set it, splint it and Bobs your uncle. Oh, but we don't set bones here. Says I should go to Reno. Got some pills said thank you and I was out the door.

While waiting for Danny to come fetch me, the nurse walks out and says again, I don't know that doctor, but I bet you will need surgery. So now I'm confused. I had given the guys strict radio silence instructions as I didn't want any info going to the wife until I knew what was going on. So back to the hotel, up and down all night waiting for breakfast so we could discuss what to do with me.

As Mark mentioned the next morning we decided I'd fly home from Reno, they would continue the ride minus Marc and me.
On the way to Reno I finally called the wife to ask for a ride home from the Seattle airport. Told her I was OK just a bunged up wrist.

Got home about 8:00 P.M. Called my ortho guy next morning, (sad when you have one) he can't see me until the next day. So Monday to Thursday I waited. Thursday the bad news, I had broken both bones and would require surgery to keep them in place... **&&^** He wondered what the guy in BM was smoking...

I had enough experience to know if their might be a chance to get in for surgery I shouldn't eat. Wednesday night no food for me. Sure enough they wanted to do surgery Friday, but since I hadn't eaten they were able to do the surgery that afternoon.

Open reduction, internal fixaction, more metal and another 7 screws to my collection.
Cast for two weeks, splint for two and now I'm working on flexibility exercises and trying to convince my wife that it wasn't the Husky 610's fault

Hope I win, and I can keep her, wife and bike. ha ha. stay tuned..

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