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Day 6 Thursday May 22

Phoenix to Hermosillo Mexico

4 days until PV reservation

Alarm goes off at 5 am. I actually get up. Those that really know me know how big of a deal that is. Google says it's 3.5 hrs to the border and I want to get there fairly early because I want to be fairly far from the border before I stop for the day.

Do I even need to mention the wind again? I'm starting to really hate the southern US and Northern Mexico.

I make it to the border and go into the immigration office. They are having technical difficulties and send me onto the office at km21. I was worried I was going to miss it but you can't. The office at the border is fairly small. This one is the real main one. I ended up there at the perfect time it seems. The place was set up with the human equivalent of cattle chutes but there was only 1 person ahead of me. I was in and out in about a half hour which I believe is pretty fast. I could have made it even faster if I had done the TVIP and insurance online before I got there.

All checked into MX and headed back into the wind.

Let my back up a bit back to Nogales. It isn't as Mexican as I was expecting. America has infested the world with our giant chain stores. Whatever store or fast food chain you go to in the US is probably down here too.
The first thing that I noticed that said "I'm in Mexico now" was at a stop light. I see the left turn arrows light up and the far right hand lanes in both directions make left hand turns in front of the 2 left lanes which are continuing straight. That was kinda crazy but also kind of ingenious for any big rigs that need to make a corner.

Now back out into the wind. Roads are straight and gas stations (Pemex) are plentiful.

Mexico south of Nogales

First priority stop and get some Bimbo's.

I think that's the Mexican equivalent to Hostess.

It's hot and I stop at a couple OXXO stores for bottled water. About 2pm I'm about 30 miles to Hermosillo and my bike stops all of a sudden, like it's not getting gas. I pull off to the side of the road, sit there for a second thinking about what might cause that. I hit the starter for troubleshooting purposes and the bike starts. It seems fine so I get back on the road and continue on. Bike runs fine all the way into Hermosillo. I stop at a taco stand because I'm in Mexico and pretty sure that's a law. Delicious.

I hop back on the bike and head out into the slow traffic. My bike dies again, then again a few blocks later. It's getting bad and I can only make it half a block before it dies again. Luckily it's in front of a hotel. I book a room and have the front desk call the Yamaha dealer in town to see if they have a fuel pump in stock.

Nope. They say it'll be 15 days to a month to get one shipped in.

I do more research and this appears to be a known issue for my year of bike. When the fuel pump gets hot it can't create enough pressure. The bike has almost 18k miles on it and this is probably the hottest weather it's seen.
I tossed around a couple of ideas in my head and decided that I will continue on. Tomorrow I should be close to the coast and I hope it'll be cooler and not have the fuel pump acting up. If the fuel pump does start acting up in the morning when it's cool, I will be revisiting some of those thoughts I had previously tossed out.

After I had a plan for the following day I decided to walk down to the Cathedral and central square in town.

Jogger on the Hermosillo green belt? Second one I had seen running down there.

View from my hotel room looking towards downtown Hermosillo.

There were venders with carts surrounding the square. But they all seemed to be selling the same things. 1 - Flavored Doritos or Frito's that they opened on the side and loaded with different toppings. 2 - Little handmadeish knickknacks / trinkets. 3 - Flavored shaved ice.
With that many different vendors they should have a much greater variety of things to sell.

Train for the kids to ride around on.
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