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Day 6: Moab

This was to be our rest day. Just putter around Moab in no particular rush.
Our neighbors had their music on were drinking early. Needless to say we were ready to get out of there for a while.
We gear up and head to Burger King for a quick breakfast and discuss where we wanted to go.
Schaefer switchbacks and Canyonlands during the day then go ride Arches at sunset. Sounds like a plan
Flex said his forks were feeling funny so he decided to stay in town and have a shop look at them.
We head over to Canyonlands. We decided to go see the landmarks on the pavement to Upheaval Dome then on the way back hit Schaefer to Potash then end up in Moab.
The road to Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands is off the hook awesome I scraped toes a few times. Perfect curves.

We met a Japanese couple on our way to look at the Dome. We had our Camelbacks on and they asked if we had parachutes in our bags?
Nope just water wish I had something more interesting in there.
Bryan and I head back the bikes while Jaw walked with the Japanese couple asking them how to say certain words. Bryan and I joked by the time he got back he would fluent in Japanese.

We head over to Schaefer switchbacks and begin our descent. We pass by a brand spanking new KTM 1190 with a guy and a girl riding in shorts, T-shirts and no helmets. They wave us on and we motor on by.

We get to vista and the pull up. Were pretty friendly so we start talking.
Enter new characters: Tim and Marisa.
They're from Illinois and had trailered to South Dakota and were riding all up and down the Rockies. Tim actually proposed to Marisa in Yellowstone on this trip.

We take pictures and ask if they wanted to follow us down the switchbacks. They said YES we wanted to try some dirt. So here we go.

I stop at a point where I could view the switch backs. Bryan zooms by me and then Tim and Marisa next. No Jaw yet.
I snapped some pics of Bryan going down.

The first switchback Tim and Marisa got to Marisa freaked and wanted to turn around so we got them turned around. In their farewell they said "were camping in Arches if ya are in the area stop by our campsite and say hey!"
So they went on their way.

We get down to where Potash and White Rim split. Musselman Arch was just down the way a bit down White Rim so lets go ahead and hit it up.

Amazing really. Moab blows my mind.

Random nosebleed. Probably from picking my nose that dry climate dried me up.

Back down to Potash.
Okay. I've ridden my share of dirt. I live for it, riding dirt moves me. To me, its what separates the men from the lads and this road......
HOLY COW!!! My sweet mother of pearls absolutely off the hook!!! Good quality dirt with smooth rocks in the road acting as ramps catching air! Plowing through sand it was amazing!

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so.
Jaw was riding in front and over my motorcycle around a corner I hear "YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH" As I cross the corner I see Jaw on the road with the bike down and he's still hollering yeah? Talk about confused.
I approach him and he's as giddy as a school girl that got new knickers he was trying to hop on the bike and hadn't even inspected it.
In my 21 years of knowing Jaw, never have I seen him this jacked up about anything nevertheless crashing on a shale shelf.

We head on and I see a blue lake ahead. Okay when I say blue i mean like Turquoise blue. And bugs bunny pops in my mind when he says.
"its a mirageee" Surely that lake isnt that blue.
It was that blue. The only thing I can guess is it has to do with the Potash plant.

Dirt turns to pavement .

Indian petroglyphs. These were 20 ft. up on the canyon wall. Makes you wonder how they got there.

Back into town. Fletch was still waiting on his bike at the shop and had already eaten. So we began our search for lunch.

We found a little joint that served Coke out of a bottle and sat us right next to a window with no screen. Bad idea.

Jaw gets the idea to ask for refills from innocent people passing by. The looks on their faces were priceless.

Fletch got his bike back and it was about time to head to Arches. We load up and head that way.

Cool rock formations that Moab is full of.

Balanced rock where Jaw met Bryan a year ago and where our friendship began.

This is a father and son from Washington riding their V-stroms through the US. Maxwell, the son, had graduated High School and College at the same time (with a name like Maxwell he was born to be smart) and this was his dad (a Washington St Trooper) gift to him. Paying for gas, lodging and food the whole trip. Cool guys even cooler speeding through Arches with a St Trooper

We arrive at the Devils Garden to climb around and see the sunset. Didn't see much of it but what we did see did not disappoint.

Its starting to get dusky now so we begin to load up, but then I hear a motorcycle. There's Tim and Marisa! They invite us to hang out at camp with them. Heck yes.
Our bikes looked like they got dragged through Potash and a fella passing by commented "ya sure are awfully dirty" To which Bryan pipes up

"Adventure aint clean"
The other guy didn't have to much to say to that.

Hanging out with Tim and Marisa was an absolute hoot. Tim should seriously go on a comedy tour. Talking about a chinese kid throwing a rock and hitting his KTM getting the first scratch on it. In his words "I wanted to go back and at least get a cup of rice from the kid" Had us all rolling.
The campsite across the way were a bunch of Hassidic Jew chanting in Yiddish very cool thing.
I tried to get a video of it but as soon as I did they stopped.

One of the Jews came over and asked if they could "purchase a propane lamp" which he did not have. Tim then pleaded for firewood which the Jews did not have and in Tims words
"Same boat different ship I guess"
We bid farewell to our new friends (congrats on the engagement guys!)
Its now night fall so it should be fun riding through Arches at night.

We arrive back in Moab around 11:30 every restaurant was closed so once again we ate at the gas station. Not bad food just generic. Stuff I could get in Arkansas.
Strict Campground rules?

Hans the hitchhiker from Bavaria

Shower up and time for bed next to the cat pee bush. Our neighbors were asleep but about 3:30 one of them tried to start their truck which made the awfullest clinking, clanging, sputtering. Just sounded terrible and woke everyone up. He motors out and back to sleep we go.

Just another day in Paradise my friends.

"there are somethings my vanity will not abide"
Adventure ain't clean
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