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Hey guys, glad to see that Dan is OK. Love the reports of my home state. I love rhat alot of adventures are here exploring this awesome state. Its really the best state for riding without restrictions of land ownership and congestion of fowns andd cities. But thats what makes it dangerous as well. This is a great example of why you should always plan for things like this. When my group rides we always know where the closest clinic, hospital, emergency room or hospital is. ALWAYS. We also call ahead of time to see if it's still in operation and what their hours are. Nevada is wide open and there always seems to be a glitch when it comes to outback medical care. Eureka or Fallon would have been a better choice than Battle Mountain. Kind of surprised the trooper didn't know enough to inform you of that. Fallon has a full hospital and is only 20 minutes further than Battle Mountain.
When ever possible we also con a non riding buddy to chase us around in a truck for support. Most of the time its two people so they have someone to talk to. We usually have a seperate course laid out for him where he meets us at intersecting points for fuel or what ever and he is always prepered for the hiccup. Sat phones are how we keep in touch with him.
Can't wait to read the rest of the reports. Enjoy the state.

By the way. Diannas Punch Bowl. I have seen carcasses of bones floating in there a few years back while on a deer hunt out there. It looked to be coyotes and a small rodent. I can't seem to get to close to the edge anymore.
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