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If you've been following this thread you already know the riding season is over for me, at least until after labor day. Let all the crazies have the mountains for a couple of months, they need to enjoy it to....I'll be back when they're gone.

Of course I haven't stopped riding, but generally shorter trips to the coast to cool off or doing the full tilt boogie on my new strom behind Mt. Hamilton. And I always have time to hang under the oak trees at The Junction for some killer grub and swap road stories with local riders...after all that is about 90% of my social life right there.

So while I've been getting in some decent miles I've been enjoying the moment from the saddle lately and the camera hasn't come out as much, but of course I can't resist a shot when I see one. So no big stories here but thought I'd update the thread with some random photos.
Probably the last ride I got a bit shutter happy was when I did the passes on my Strom with my friend Brian on his new KTM 1190R. I kept telling him I wanted him to buy it so I could get a REAL test ride, and I did. We swapped machines going over Monitor Pass. What a cool ride.

Fresh off a proper thrashing on Monitor, I was still giggling

A fly by at Mosquito lake

Riding the California High Country

Heck ,I needed a new profile for my Facebook page so why not yours truly in front of Leavitt Falls?

I didn't get the shot of the falls I wanted that day and they are barely running now due to the drought, but expect to see an update to this in about a year.....I've got some ideas

One more shot of my stealthy Strom at a favorite hideout/camping spot

When It gets hot I really enjoy coming home in the evening, Del Puerto Canyon:riding in the Twilight Zone

One of the more memorable people I met at The Junction recently, my new friend Jason who can't decide to ride his bicycle or motorcycle. Here he was riding home from a bicycle race and still had energy for a swift ride up the canyon. What a trick 250, was really fun watching it lean from side to side with the bicycle so high up.

As I mentioned I've been out on the coast a lot recently. I really enjoy riding familiar roads but stopping in a corner I never have before to find a spot to chill for the afternoon. It takes familiar and makes it a new adventure, sometimes hard to explain. People tell me "you've been there 100s of times" Yeah, but it was my first time at that exact spot!

Here's a few of those places.

Not much in the way of off road around here, but it's easy enough to sneak a bike into the bushes without anybody passing having a clue that I'm there. Perfect.

Right around the corner there was a log crossing above this creek which I ate lunch on and it was so darn peaceful I almost fell asleep 20 feet in the air

Love the sunlight in a redwood forest. For all of the kids and their twitter "hashtag-no filter".....this is the real deal. About as natural of a filter as you can get.

Last week my spot was on the beach, I've never seen this kite-surfers in the waves. I could watch that for an hour....and I did, or even longer.

Just so cool watching anybody passionate about what they do, and be good at it.

And I don't want to forget all of the interesting rides right here in the valley.

This next shot was actually taken in Feb right after a storm. If you aren't familiar with California geography you may not understand the significance of this shot, but it was taken in the agricultural town of Patterson. If you don't see it right away, pay attention to the background....where/what is that landmark?

Our sunsets can be pretty insane out here on the Delta as well. This is from an evening ride about ten minutes from my house.

Now I know this is a moto forum, and I don't get to excited about cars, but I saw this after dusk and just HAD to do a u-turn and get a shot.

See what I've been up to! Ongoing Ride Report

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