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We stopped on the North Carolina side to fuel up and mill about. I talked to a younger guy who had traveled from Oregon. He said he was heading north for a while then working his way to Sturgis for the rally before heading home. Made me jealous of his vacation time!

We were told we hit a good time of the week as it wasn't so busy. I guess it gets crazy here on the weekends.

I bought a couple stickers and a shirt for my son at the Killboy stand, then we scribbled on their wall.

It was time to say our goodbyes to The Dragon, we wanted to try to make it into Alabama before nightfall. Crossing into Georgia we stopped to fuel up and have a snack. The tattooed peach at the register directed me to the men's room where I found this sign.

Standing outside we could see the rain bearing down on us, so we stretched our legs back into our rainsuits and headed off. The country was starting to flatten out now so we could see more than just trees. I noticed a couple of jacked-up pickup trucks wearing tractor tires... looked like swamp buggies. It's nice to see older vehicles driving around that haven't been ravaged by road salt.

Somewhere south of Fairmount GA. I realized that I hadn't seen any signs for the route I thought I was following for a while. When I realized we were getting closer and closer to Atlanta I decided to stop and get a better look at my map. Turns out I missed a turn back in Fairmount and we needed to make some adjustments. We had map symbols for campgrounds in Rome, GA and another across the line in Alabama, so we jumped north a few miles to catch US20 and started heading towards Rome. It was dark (and still raining) by now and I decided I'm heading for the first hotel I find. Luckily we were out of rain again by the time the Best Western loomed ahead, and we were even treated to what was fast becoming our favorite restaurant just next door!

I skipped the steak this time and enjoyed bacon & eggs with grits. I did get to help Jack out with his waffle though.

We enjoyed our conversation with our waitress "Red". She didn't understand why we would want to travel all the way to Alabama just because we hadn't been there before. She was fun to talk to and we all had a few laughs. With our bellies full we headed back to the hotel room sometime after 11:00pm.

Day 3 totals: Mooresburg, Tn to Rome, Ga 7:30am-10:30pm 285mi
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