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Hey Canoli,

I started out road racing here in oz in 98. Raced until 08 and a huge highside put me on crutches for a year. In that time I had a lot of fun, met a lot of guys some of who I'm still good friends with but non I see regularly. In 09 I discovered dirt bikes and went to Cape york in 10, did the APC rally in 11 and then did Condo in 13 and 14. I'm lining up at Safari in September. I quickly discovered that I could have way more fun at 10% on a dirt bike than I could at a 110% on a road bike. I could go anywhere on my dirtbikes, places that were really close and that I'd never seen before.

The problem with road racing is the cost and the restriction, I can't do anything with a RR bike other than take it to the track, and if it rains I'd better have a complete set of wets on wheels ready or I've just shelled out $250 for nothing (trackday old prices)

Now I buy tyres for fun and practice in the bush for the cost of my fuel.

I'd love to jump on a road racer now to see how I've improved but I'm not interested in setting up all over again and going through all that expense for a very short adrenaline rush and the idea of even getting on a fireblade or something similar does nothing for me. I don't even follow motogp or supers anymore and I used to ride a 1000kms twice a year there and 1000kms back to camp at PI in the rain...

In my opinion dirt wins.

Oh and the speed thing, its only relative, if everyone around you is moving at the same speed it seems quite slow racing in the rain is like racing in slow motion too
So I met a guy last week who is into road racing here in OZ as well and he pretty much said the same thing. He estimated that it was costing him somewhere between 75-80 grand a year to compete. Mostly on track time, tires, brakes and other consumables. I've spent about an 8th of that last year including a bike for dirt and yeah like you said I can ride my dirt bike pretty much anywhere. I'll keep my CRF for now, and see what the future holds in about a year. After all.. I still need to finish Finke.

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