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Just one word of caution about dogs in Mongolia. As you enter some town or pass a camp, dogs may run out to greet you. Not all of these dogs are friendly. They can bite so I highly suggest riding boots or thick pants to protect from the knee down. Michelle did get a nasty bite near the end of our trip. It didn't break the skin but left a nasty bruise. There is rabies in Mongolia.

Another word of caution. After this trip you will never be the same. Adventure will now be fixed to your DNA coursing through your veins. You will look at the world through different eyes.

Good Luck Live2ridetahoe. We are behind you.
Yes. Central Asia dogs are something to respect. Moto boots should do the trick.

2 weeks into my RTW my friend send me an email. "You have to accept the fact that you will never be able to live a normal life after this" These words have resonated with me and I'm starting to worry it is true

I think there are people on ADV who are almost as excited for your trip to start as you are
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