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People spend far too much time agonizing over the tyres they think they need for the TLH, as if the tyres alone are going to be the panacea for all their real or imagined troubles. The key is matching road speed to the rider's ability, regardless of the bike or tyres. The K70's on my Eldo were more than adequate. Knobblies are no special help on the kind of surface which one finds on the TLH and 389.

Well. You have a point. Never ride faster than your guardian angel. Nonetheless, if instead of riding 30km/h on Tourance rubber, you can ride 70km/h with the same confidence on a better tire, then it's a win win. I've done 4 hours of dirt this Saturday with some okay Tourance. Honestly, they were not confidence-inspiring and had no grip at all. One can use any tire on thin gravel with hard pack base. Add soft sand or a freshly graded surface, and you need to rethink your tire choice.

What I should have had for more grip and stability.

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