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Originally Posted by nick949eldo View Post
People spend far too much time agonizing over the tyres they think they need for the TLH, as if the tyres alone are going to be the panacea for all their real or imagined troubles. The key is matching road speed to the rider's ability, regardless of the bike or tyres. The K70's on my Eldo were more than adequate. Knobblies are no special help on the kind of surface which one finds on the TLH and 389.

Originally Posted by MassiveLee View Post
On these gravel roads, some TKC80 would be the minimum knobbie tire you'd want. Tourance are indeed too slick for that. The front wheel must have been floating all around. You are brave my friend ;-)

I think you are both correct. From my perspective; I was comfortable with the K60's but could not get them in time. I agonized over what would be an option. TKC80's won't last the entire trip and I can't carry another tire. Did not want to ship or buy another tire on the road. Tourances were my best option. In MY opinion. A lot more pavement was going to be ridden on than gravel.

Next up? What oil did I chose?

Just kidding!!!!

The tire did "ok" on the gravel parts. I slowed waaaayyyy down. This is a BIG bike with LOTS of fuel sitting up high. It's got heavy bags packed for up to 4 weeks with two, not so slim, riders. I did NOT want to pick this beast up. I had not dropped it, yet. On our Alaska trip I dropped the damned thing before we left!!!

Stay tuned for WHY the tire choice was not great....lots of hindsight going to take place.

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